Mobile Applications

By targeting software development towards mobile devices such as phones and tablets, you can reach an enormous amount of customers on devices they use every day. When you design and build your app it becomes your company's identity to the customer; it will be how they will interact with you. At Cosairus we have proven development experience in a variety of mobile applications, both native and for the web that will firmly establish your brand identity.

Mobile Web Applications

When person hears about a company, the very first thing they do is go to that company's website. Having a mobile presence for your company is more important than ever, as more and more people utilize their phones and tables as their primary internet device. At Cosairus, we have years of proven experience developing applications for the web and mobile devices. By utilizing the latest mobile specifications for HTML5 and CSS3, you can be assured that your site will convey the message about your company in a format designed for mobile screen sizes.

iOS Applications

As businesses grow increasingly mobile, the iOS platform provides an enormous area of opportunities to expand the scope and extend the functionality of existing applications as well as create new and innovative applications for new businesses. The iOS platform's ground-breaking user interface and beautiful user controls immerse the user with a computing experience unlike any other. Backed by Apple's App Store, your business can reach an extraordinary number of potential customers like never before.

Android Applications

As computers become increasingly smaller and ubiquitous, Google's Android operating system is a strong presence in the mobile world. Leveraging existing Google services, the Android platform has powerful features that make for robust and unique applications unlike any other platform. When you submit your application to Google's Play Store, you deploy your application to the world's largest, international application store, reaching millions of devices. At Cosairus, we have strong experience with the Android platform, ranging from phones and tablets to the new Google Glass and Android Wear applications.

Windows Mobile

These are exciting times for Microsoft's mobile platform. With the new Metro interface, Microsoft has upgraded their traditional windows-style interface to the easy-to-use tile interface that customers love. Built on the powerful C# platform, applications developed for Windows Mobile devices can be developed with ease and security. Through the Microsoft Store, you will reach the dedicated, business-based customers of the Windows platform. Cosairus has a long history of mobile development with Microsoft's mobile device platforms and continues to prove our capabilities with Microsoft technologies with our Microsoft Gold Partner Award.