We are Software Engineers

Software design, implementation, and execution; it's what we do. From start to finish, new project or old, our engineers build enterprise-level applications for desktop, mobile and the web.

Our Mission

As a software engineering firm, our primary focus is the development and implementation of custom software solutions. Our development process involves the initial specification and design, database construction, software development, testing and finally support. Throughout the project lifecycle we use proven planning strategies that allow our clients to keep track of where we stand in the development process. Through continuous communication during the development process, we can adapt to make any last minute changes to a system's functionality before it's released into production. Whether you are looking for a full 'from the ground up' application or modifying an existing system, we can work with you to achieve your desired goals.

What Makes Us Different

Unlike many consulting companies, all work done by us is performed in-house without the use of contractors or outsourcing agents. By completing work through our own developers, you will receive prompt, first-hand replies to questions and requirements without having to worry about language barriers or distant time zones. If you have any questions or concerns and feel that we may be able to help you, please contact us.

Our Philosophy

Innovation and meeting our client’s business objectives are only part of the reasons why people choose Cosairus. We closely integrate our clients with the development process. In this way, our clients have not only an application that meets their business needs, but have a greater level of ownership with the application that they helped design at every step of the development process. Custom software developed in this way not only increases functionality of the application but actually extends its lifetime in the business environment when compared to pre-built or specification-driven development.