Solutions That Last

There is no longer need to rebuild every three years, when you can add to your website every day. We construct well-designed, custom software software solutions to endure the tests of time and serve you many years to come.

Connected to Your Customers

Connectivity is critical in today's applications. Stay connected with location-aware applications and contextual analysis tools to deliver targeted services to your customers.

Continous Delivery

Continuous Innovation

With our continuous delivery model, clients receive quality software at regular intervals for instant feedback allowing the software to easily adapt to changing requirements.


We create custom software solutions to meet business-driven goals. Using the latest AGILE methodologies, solutions are delivered with regularity and efficiency.

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In addition to creativity and quality, we strive to set the standards of our profession high; it is the driving force in all our solutions.

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We produce scalable, robust solutions for enterprise-level systems. We strive for our projects to be both on-time and on-budget.

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Latest Blog Posts



Unit Testing with In-Memory Databases in Entity Framework Core

by Ira Endres

Unit tests provide the reassurance that the system behaves correctly no matter where the system is running. With the release of Entity Framework Core, in-memory unit test database doubles are even easier than ever to use.



View and Stored Procedure Mappings with the Entity Framework

by Ira Endres

In this article we cover database views and stored procedure mappings using the Entity Framework 6 for .NET Standard and the differences between direct table access and view and stored procedure mapping.



Tabular Data Validation Using FormCollection and ASP.NET MVC Forms

by Ira Endres

In this article, we look at a creative way to dynamically render a 2D structure with validation messaging using ASP.NET MVC Forms and FormCollection.



Overview of SQL Server Data Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio

by Ira Endres

The SQL Server Data Tools platform for Microsoft Visual Studio is hands-down one of the most powerful platforms for developing Microsoft SQL Server solutions. We will review some of the key features of the SQL Server Data Tools platform including schema comparison and database publishing features.

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Recent Projects

A Staffing Web App

Utilizing the transactional capacity of Microsoft's SQL Server, we were able to successfully migrate an application from an older platform that was buckling under strain from it's user-base.

A Secure Imaging Mobile App

Designed and implemented a secure-image-transfer application for both Android and iOS for our client who needed patient medical records transferred with 100% reliability.

Cross Platform Medical Apps

Constructed a robust electronic Medical Records (EMR), medical appointment, and doctor time tracking system to manage all aspects of a medical facility from a mobile application or the web.

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