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Unit Testing with In-Memory Databases in Entity Framework Core

by Ira Endres

Unit tests provide the reassurance that the system behaves correctly no matter where the system is running. With the release of Entity Framework Core, in-memory unit test database doubles are even easier than ever to use.




Enterprise MVC Design Patterns: Single-Load AJAX Tabs

by Ira Endres

Our first in a series on developing enterprise-level MVC applications, focusing on common design patterns differentiated with normal MVC application behaviors. In this article we focus on a common client-requested feature, single-load AJAX tabs, utilizing the jQuery UI Tabs Widget.



iOS 8, The Next Healthcare Platform?

by Ira Endres

Apple's release notes for the beta version (developer access) of it's latest iOS 8 is already turning heads and starting up new conversations about healthcare and how our devices will be monitoring us. We take a look at the latest release notes for iOS 8 developer preview plus reactions from the business community.



Improving Security with Login Attempts, Password Salting and Upgrading from MD5

by Ira Endres

We have been hearing in the news more frequently that attackers are gaining access to usernames and passwords with unauthorized access. In this article, we will look at three new security patterns revolving around failed login attempts, password hashing and salting.




by Steven Pashley

Apple announces new programming language.



First Look: Google Glass Explorer

by Ira Endres

Google Glass has arrived. Our first look with the Google Glass Explorer and try the out-of-the-box functionality that it comes with. After the unboxing, we take it for a spin in and around the office, and then out in for the weekend, getting people's reactions.

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